Corporate Management

Mission of the company:

  • permanent focus of customer and satisfy their needs for meat and dry meat products.
  • for our customer we always has a great choice of fresh, healthy, quality meat products.
  • with PROMES customer always made excellent choice

Vision of the company:

Becoming a market leader in this field. To conquer and seize with the excellent quality whenever approaching to a new market. To promote a culture of nourishment that means paying a good attention on consuming fresh, healthy and according to standards produced products. We are a company that always looks after the society, our costumers, employees and tenants.

About Us

Promes is Macedonian company for production and trade of fresh meat and meat products. The company is founded in 1992, like small private enterprise only with several employees. Today is one of the 200 biggest companies of the premises of the Republic of Macedonia and also one of the most serious company in their branch. .According to the last panel (check store) research Promes is a leads company in the meat industry according to the sales quantities and market share. All, of this is the result of our good knowledge of the specific conditions in Macedonian market: culture, tradition, taste and customer needs and all of this is the one of the ways to be closer to our consumers.

Promes is private company which according to the Trade Law is registered like CPT (Company for production and trade). Today Promes count around 250 employees with different educational and professional skills (butchers, engineers, qualified workers, drivers, economists, etc) The process of permanent education typical for our company is by attending the internal seminars and workshops in the Republic and visiting the seminars and fairs in and out of Macedonia. R. Macedonia like country is deficit with qualified workers from this field (workers which are directly related with production). For that purpose our company by itself based on the long-term experience of the top management take care for the employees and their education.

The production of Promes is based of the usage of the most modern technology, following the strictly prescribed recipes and sort of production. The results of our responsibility, hard working and dedication to the job are high quality products, loyal consumers etc. The products are been controlled by independent certified laboratories. Our company is certified by ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP standards (Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Point).

The whole production is divided into three main groups:

  • trade with fresh meat
  • production and trade with fresh products
    (meat prepared for grill, cooking) and
  • production and trade with dry meat products:
    • Hams
    • Boiled products
    • Smoked products
    • Sausages

For our production we are direct importer for raw materials from Austria, Germany and other countries. With our partners we have signed long term agreements for cooperation which obtaining us with the best quality of raw materials and in enough quantities to satisfy on the markets needs.

With compatible access to the market needs, way of production, distribution and trade Promes has it own comparative advantages which made the company leader. They are:

  • direct import of raw materials
  • own production capacitates
  • own retail stores (30 stores in R. Macedonia)
  • own distribution to our clients with the vehicles with term king
  • standard ISO 9001.2000, HACCP .
Related companies

Beside the basic activity before 4 year, activities has other direction. All of this is done in order to fulfil our goal and that means answering to the customer needs using the advantages of Macedonian region.

Result of this was founding the Divino registered like company for production and trade of alcoholic drinks based on grape. Our purpose was to enrich the table with drop of extraordinary wine and brandy made by the most qualitative grape from Macedonia.

Lead up by the needs for development and superstructure of our business we decide to follow the next level in which we acting that is complaisant sector. For that reason we founded two companies:

Nase Taxi

Food Group

The idea of founding the "Nase Taxi" was to appoint new high professional criteria in transport of passengers. It is the first choice of everyone that wants to avoid the city chaos. Also for the people that want to enjoy in most urban world type restaurant for self service restaurant Divino in which the people can enjoy in wonderful atmosphere with glass of fine drinks, from winery "Antika" , Vitamin Bar, adorable meals from Bakery "Kifla" , tavern" Tri lukcinja" pastry shop "Dunja" , Fast kitchen, and for the end the wonderful coffee from our coffee store., and after all of just turn 15152 and safely go home.


Promes is certified with HACCP standard (hazard analyses and critical control point). All of this shows that products are with the standard quality.

HCCP Certificate
   DIVINO      Foud Group      Наше Такси